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Breaking News: Passport Expands Parking Services in London, UK

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Passport provides flexible technology to improve parking and transit systems. Whether launching mobile payments or real-time enforcement, we power your operations from one central platform.

Who uses Passport

  • Chicago

    ParkChicago handles over 150 different parking rate structures.

  • Boston

    The ParkBoston app launched in just 57 days.

  • Toronto

    The GreenP app is available at 56,000 parking spaces, the largest North American mobile pay installation to date.

  • Detroit

    The ParkDetroit app reflects the City’s innovation in transportation.

  • Vancouver

    The EasyPark app gives a green solution to parking technology in Vancouver.

  • Michigan State

    Passport’s first university private-label app, SpotOn, is tailor-made for MSU drivers.

  • Columbia

    CatchtheCOMET app has Columbia, SC riders excited to ride public transit.

  • Sacramento

    SacRT services over 27 million passengers a year across 418 miles.

Industry Insights

Passport Launches Mobile Parking App in London, UK

London, UK

Passport Expands Services into London, U.K. City of Westminster, U.K introduces new payment-focused ParkRight parking app Westminster – The City of Westminster and Passport today announced the launch of the new ParkRight parking app that will improve the way drivers pay for parking throughout Westminster. The refreshed ParkRight app was developed by global transportation software...

Funding Major Obstacle In Smart City Initiatives

The term “smart city” seems to be popping up all over our news feeds. From the Smart City Challenge to Smart City Operation Centers -- it’s pretty clear that the buzzword isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Bike Sharing Programs: Are They A Catch-22?

Bike share programs have been around longer than you think. In 1998, Rennes, France launched the first city-scaled bike share program. To add to the list, in 2008, Washington D.C. debuted the first bike share program in the U.S.

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