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About Us

Our journey began with a vision to make parking more efficient by implementing powerful and adaptable enterprise mobility platforms through familiar, user-friendly technologies. That driving motivation propelled us to where we are today—the largest provider of mobile payment parking and transit software in North America. Our technology platforms are now installed in cities and universities from coast to coast, designed to reduce operational complexity and deliver intelligent data to improve decision making.


Bob Youakim, CEO

Bob co-founded Passport in 2010 to help public and private agencies drive efficiency and obtain value from the money spent trying to improve life in cities. Before Passport, Bob was a successful VP in Investment Banking. Bob combines his “never give up” mentality with his vast experience in business development, finance, and operations to navigate the company to its leading market position. He is frequently invited to speak on parking, transit, and venture capital. Bob holds a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Bob is also a CPA. Outside of Passport, he loves being silly with his wife and four children and enjoys flying planes as a pilot.



Khristian Gutierrez, CBDO

Khristian demonstrates daily that hard work can be really fun and that success is more achievable with a talented team who shares the same vision. He’s scaled Passport’s business development team into an industry powerhouse through a highly aligned and cohesive go-to-market strategy including sales, marketing, and software implementation. Prior to Passport, Khristian served as an Analyst in Investment Banking. Khristian received his M.S.F. from the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida where he also received his B.S. degree from the Warrington College of Business Administration. Beyond Passport, Khristian enjoys a strong Jeopardy match with his Goldendoodle, Gary.



Brad Powers, CTO

Brad brings over a decade of experience in designing, building, and deploying highly scalable enterprise applications. He spearheads the company’s technology initiatives and oversees the development process. Prior to Passport, Brad was the Solution Architect at Verian where he was instrumental in building the Operations and Development groups within the company. He also led the largest P2P implementation to date for the United States Postal Service. Brad received his B.S. from Arizona State University. When Brad’s not at the office, he’s trying to figure out how to blend his hobbies of working out, antiquing, and technology.



Michael Scully, CPO

“Scully” leads Passport’s product, marketing, and design.  With deep domain experience in mobile, advanced marketing analytics, and product development, he pushes us to reimagine the experience of modern transit and parking.  Prior to Passport, Scully held leadership roles at Virgin Mobile, Nokia, 2ergo/SoundBite (now part of Genesys), and Skookum.  Scully holds a BSBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida, a Specialization in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA from the Yale School of Management in both Marketing and Strategy.



Our Team

  • Brian Allen

    Infrastructure Lead

  • Devon Bain

    Software Engineer

  • Chelsea Barclay

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Abhishek Banerjee

    Software Developer

  • Nate Berry

    Director, Sales

  • Tanay Bera

    Software Developer

  • Dagna Bieda

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Torgny Bjers

    Software Engineer

  • Rodney Brenes

    Software Developer

  • Conor Buckley

    Client Success Manager

  • Andrew Caldwell

    Product Support Specialist

  • Ian Caldwell

    Software Engineer

  • Molly Carpenter

    Senior Customer Support Specialist

  • Brahma Chilakala

    Software Developer

  • Anna Choiniere

    Proposal Coordinator

  • Justin Cruz

    Senior Software Developer

  • Michael Danko

    Product Support Specialist

  • April Dickerson

    Project Manager

  • Joel Dollarhide

    Software Engineer

  • Tom Dougherty

    Proposal Manager

  • Grant Emory

    Client Lifecycle Marketing Manager

  • Philip Endres

    Sales Executive

  • Kelsey Fisher

    Customer Success Representative

  • Kristin Gatter

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Andrew Gerst

    Software Developer

  • Brandon Grubbs

    Software Developer

  • Kate Haffey

    Vice President, HR

  • Spencer Harrell

    Product Support Specialist

  • Christa Harris

    Implementation Specialist

  • Kenny Higginbotham

    Software Developer

  • Rusty Higginbotham

    Software Developer

  • Ariel Hodges

    Client Success Representative

  • Mike Hulthen

    Vice President, Engineering

  • Jason Idilbi

    General Counsel

  • Sai Jonnala

    Software Developer

  • Conor Kelly

    Director, Sales

  • David Kim

    Product Manager

  • Kimberly Kufel

    Marketing Communications Manager

  • Christina Kyriazi

    Director, Marketing

  • Xue Liu

    Accounting Manager

  • Rob Luke

    Head of Design

  • Tydus Mana

    Client Success Manager

  • Max Mickey

    Sales Executive

  • Mike Mohler

    Project Manager

  • Sean Moriarty

    Software Developer

  • Sudhar Muralidhara

    Software Engineer

  • Drew Myers

    Director of Operations

  • Lakshmi Narayanan

    Software Developer

  • Tiffany Olivo

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Moyo Orekoya

    Project Manager, Enterprise Implementations

  • Kelsey Owens

    Sales Executive

  • Nigilan Palanisamy

    Software Developer

  • Santosh Pandit

    Software Developer

  • Devin Patel

    Vice President, Transit Products

  • David Pirie

    Product Support Specialist

  • Mike Rafferty

    Product Manager

  • Anand Ravi

    Software Developer

  • Brandon Rivard

    Vice President, Support

  • Trey Robinson

    Product Manager

  • Mike Rogers

    Product Designer

  • Steven Shelby

    Senior Software Developer

  • Emma Shriver

    Senior Proposal Coordinator

  • David Singletary

    Vice President, Sales

  • Vinoth Sridhar

    Software Developer

  • Punith Suresh

    Business Development Analyst

  • Alexie Trudan

    Accounting Analyst

  • Sara Wasserboehr

    Graphic Designer

  • Chris Watt

    Client Success Manager

  • David Weber

    Software Developer

  • Alexandra Wells

    Sales Executive

  • Lars Wiersholm

    Software Developer

  • Tom Wiese

    Sales Executive

  • Ben Winokur

    Product Manager

  • Ethan Woodward

    Software Engineer

  • Marcus Wu

    Software Developer

  • Gary the Goldendoodle

    Follow him on Instagram at @queencitygary

Board of Advisors

  • Stephen Goldsmith

    Director of Innovations in American Government at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

  • Akshay Pottathil

    Co-Director of the Center for Information Convergence and Strategy at San Diego State University

  • Keith Chen

    Associate Professor of Economics at UCLA & Former Head of Economic Research at Uber

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