Beacon-Based Merchant Solutions

iBeacon technology is a great addition to your parking or transit system. Through this cutting-edge technology, municipalities and local businesses can work together to incentivize parkers and riders and enrich the downtown or retail experience. Merchants get access to a full backend dashboard to set up promotions and monitor success.

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iBeacon technology is a great way to notify potential shoppers of excellent discounts and help subsidize their parking or transit experience. iBeacons are perfect for:


  • Downtown areas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Mixed-use Retail
  • Malls
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Drive Business with Beacon Technology

Merchants can use this innovative technology to track the entire customer journey, including the pre­visit, in­-store and post ­visit experiences. Users must first grant permission before the Bluetooth beacons detect their activity. The feature provides users with more privacy and accuracy.

How it Works

  • Businesses place a bluetooth beacon box in their store
  • When a customer parks outside of a merchant location, they use the Passport app to pay
  • Once they enter the merchant location, they are picked up via bluetooth technology
  • Customers receive parking validation discounts directly to their phone
  • Customers are incentivized to stay longer and visit more often

Test Drive Beacons Today

Parking and transit agencies can easily add iBeacon technology to their operations, increasing business for local merchants and increasing satisfaction for residents and visitors.

Expandable Program Options

iBeacons provide businesses with additional value through our online portal. With the platform, store owners can set up a variety of features to drive more business and boost customer loyalty. Business program options include:

  • Promotional location-based advertising to targeted customer groups
  • Customizable surveys administered through a mobile application with feedback and review options
  • Event set-up and promotion