Manage Your Operations, Not Stacks of Paperwork

Passport’s parking enforcement software delivers a flexible and dynamic solution to your parking system. Built on our industry leading enterprise platform, you can easily take advantage of cloud-based software technology to streamline your services, reduce time and cost, and increase collection rates.

Parking enforcers are able to see real-time information on lightweight mobile devices that automatically sends data to back-end software for a complete view of your operations.


Platform Benefits: 

  • Increased transparency and accountability in your system
  • Automate manual processing of data
  • Increased payment security
  • Higher yield of payments
  • Identify repeat offenders with real-time info
  • Improved ticket issuance process

Enforce With Ease

Leverage the power of our enterprise platform to add speed and flexibility to your enforcement operations.

  • Automated Process Icon

    Automated Process

    Automated Process Icon

    Improve your system’s efficiency on every level. From issuance to letter generation, we automate every aspect of your operations.

  • Increase Collection Yield Icon

    Increase Collection Yield

    Increase Collection Yield Icon

    Make violations available as soon as they’re issued and promote immediate payments to improve collection revenue

  • Cost Effective Icon

    Cost Effective

    Cost Effective Icon

    Achieve economies of scale, reduce capital expenditures and improve flexibility with affordable software technology


Your parking operation needs flexibility. It needs efficiency. Our citation management system delivers both. Because no two operations are the same, our system is designed to adapt to all your requirements. We’ve made this possible through multiple features in our parking enforcement handhelds, including:


  • Monitoring and electronic chalking
  • Issuance flow and data collection
  • Formatting and content of printed violations
  • Business rules around scofflaw/boot/tow
  • Mobile friendly payment portal
  • Appeals process



Real-Time Data

In our fast-paced world, it’s important for your data to be available as soon as you need it. All parking data housed in our system is available in real time, giving you complete confidence in monitoring mobile and meter payments and dramatically reducing the time it takes to manage handwritten processes.


Once a violation is issued, all information is uploaded immediately and made available for payment. This means that violators are able to view and pay their violations quickly. Ease of payment means more violations are paid in a timely, efficient manner.


Flawless Integration

We seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems and fully support the implementation process with a dedicated expert team of developers. Using real-time and batching capabilities, our platform integrates easily with other systems to allow for continuous development of new integrations and to meet the future needs of your operation.

"We chose to partner with Passport because of their flexible technology and ability to build a product that fits our needs. Years later, they are continuing to evolve with new innovation and make parking easier"

-Kenneth Smith, City Parking Manager, Omaha, NE

“Passport and the experience and technological insight that they bring to the table has enabled the City of New Haven and our enforcement to become more user efficient and public friendly. The new system allows the officers in the field to do more with less effort, as well as convey more real-time information to the public than ever before.”

-Mike Mohler, Frmr. Deputy Director of Transportation, New Haven

“ParkWhitePlains provided us with flexible parking technology suited for our city’s needs. Passport worked closely with us from the very beginning in order to include customizations in the system that worked for users.”

-John Larson, Parking Commissioner, City of White Plains

“Our customers have taken right away to paying for fares on smartphones and we have loved the ease with which the program has been implemented.”

-Samuel L. Scheib, Transit Planner and Manager, Central Midlands Transit