Digital Parking Wallet

Passport’s Digital Parking Wallet is the industry’s only closed-loop system – lowering costs, offering more control, and increasing parker loyalty over other parking apps by providing an easy option for customers. 

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Passport Wallet

This wallet option is hosted by Passport and can include other clients in the digital wallet. Parkers simply add funds to the wallet and can begin parking at your select parking locations. 

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Shared Wallet

Passport’s Shared Wallet is a dedicated wallet solution that offers the client flexibility of sharing it with partners. This option works great for cities that have adjoining municipalities or close relationships with private operators.

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Dedicated Wallet

Passport’s Dedicated Wallet is strictly a closed-loop wallet option that only houses one entity in the system. It’s your digital wallet, 100 percent.

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Control Costs. Create Confidence.

Rising parking meter and merchant processing costs can make it difficult to balance the budget. Each transaction can cut into profits when a credit or debit card is used. Take control over your bottom line with a digital wallet and start saving on incremental transaction costs through our pay by phone parking application

Passport’s Wallet in Action

Our Digital Wallet provides your parking customers the ability to add and store prepaid funds in their app account. When they pay by phone using the Prepaid Wallet, the transaction is simply deducted from their pre-funded account rather than being charged to a credit or debit card.

A key differentiator of Passport’s Prepaid Wallet system is that these merchant processing savings go to our clients. When a customer parks, the money goes straight to your account. No waiting for funds or calculating receivable days. This stands in stark contrast to other mobile payment wallets that operate on open-loop systems, where software providers or escrow companies are the ones holding the funds.

To better serve your commuting customers, the Passport Digital Wallet accepts the WageWorks® Commuter Card and the Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard® in addition to debit and credit cards. Available in select locations.