Technology That's Head of the Class

We serve universities of all sizes with enterprise platforms to streamline and improve parking and permitting processes. Our expertise working with higher education institutions has helped increase efficiency, boost utilization, and reduce time and costs. Whether you need a standard app solution or a fully customizable private label application, our mobile software will enhance your institution.


Add mobile to your university

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Implementing Passport means modernizing your campus with mobile technology. With a couple of taps on a smartphone or tablet, students, faculty, and visitors can pay and be on their way. Since a mobile device is all they need to pay, you eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in line at the pay station or walking up to the meter at all. If class runs longer than expected, it’s no problem. Parkers can extend their time remotely. With Passport, you replace all of the frustrations of parking with flexibility and convenience. Also, you completely eliminate costs associated with hardware.

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Benefits for Universities

  • Modernize the campus environment with mobile technology
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Cut down on wait times and long lines
  • Eliminate hours of data entry
  • Flexible permitting system
  • Control rate structures for special campus events
  • Integration with existing student accounts
  • Complete customization with school logo and colors

With Passport, you receive revealing back-office analytics of your campus parking. Operations Management (OpsMan) provides key insights that allow you to focus on the data that matters. This eliminates hours of data entry and guessing about important decisions. Also, it gives you the tools to successfully manage your operations. You can even make adjustments to parking rates for upcoming campus events in real time. Through OpsMan, universities can easily implement solutions for:

Your School. Your Brand.

We understand the value of campus branding, which is why we allow user-customization on your mobile pay solution to showcase your school’s spirit. Whether it’s school colors on mobile pay signage or a custom campus-branded app, our platform becomes a part of your school. At Passport, the possibilities for mobile solutions are endless.




Eligibility Programs for Transit

Transportation is essential for student life, especially on larger campuses and in metro areas. With Passport’s mobile ticketing solution, you can easily add eligibility programs and discounts for university transit and your city’s public transit system. Manage options, set restrictions, and track payments all in one flexible platform.

World-Class Security

We value security above all. We leverage the latest in anti-fraud technology to safeguard your university and maintain the highest level of payment compliance available. Lean on Passport to keep your data safe and your campus running smoothly.