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We have proven experience in parking solutions for government, working with leading cities to implement smart city solutions in parking, transit, digital permitting, and citation management. We provide an enterprise platform that gives decision makers complete control of their operations through a sophisticated all-in-one management portal.


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Managing growth and costs can be difficult when resources are limited and time is scarce. The ability to understand consumer behavior, translate data points into stories, and identify trends helps to gain a competitive advantage and improve operations. Our data analytics help municipal operations:


  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Improve efficiency in mobility
  • Provide advanced security
  • Grant access to data management
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Benefits of Mobile Payments

  • Gaining key insights to user habits through real-time data
  • Building your city’s brand through private label
  • Low upfront cost with high potential revenue
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Avoiding parking citations

Passport’s parking solutions with mobile payment technology can be offered in both on- and off-street locations in a variety of parking environments, including municipalities, private parking operations, and college campuses.


We have deep knowledge of the parking industry, the government procurement process, and the needs that parking authorities have. We understand how to best implement our services on both on and off street surfaces, gated environments, and hybrid parking installations. Our enterprise platform hosts a suite of products that aid parking agencies in providing mobile solutions for their end users, including:


Passport helps transit agencies leverage mobile technology for their operations. By providing a mobile option, agencies can improve the transportation experience for both the decision maker and the riders.

Benefits to the Agency:

  • Proven hardware validation and fraud protection
  • Secure enterprise back office management
  • System-wide reports with insights and analytics
  • State-of-the-art data visualization dashboard
  • Reduced capital and ongoing costs
  • Significant time savings in the transit system

Our enterprise platform hosts a suite of products that aid transit agencies in providing mobile solutions for their end users, including:

Enterprise Security

We use the latest in technology to protect your city with advanced protocols and disaster recovery. We maintain the highest level of payment compliance available and use cutting edge encryption techniques. Trust Passport to keep your data safe so that you can focus on managing your operations.