A Robust Network Across Multiple Industries.

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At Passport, we believe in collaboration and open communication. This approach has led us to develop multiple innovations with new and exciting features for our customers. By leveraging a broad network of innovative partners, we continue to drive success for our clients with leading technology that translates to intuitive business solutions.

Our partnerships across multiple industries have proved especially important in delivering exceptional solutions for our clients.

These partnerships position us to provide the most sophisticated solution in the market. Our continued establishment and development of these relationships allow us to successfully expand innovative solutions across industries.


Technology Partners

"It seems that more and more municipalities are partnering with companies to get an all-inclusive solution. They are seeking these types of solutions through partnerships like ours, knowing that we can provide a one-stop shop for their parking operators. It's a load off of the cities' shoulders to have companies like Passport and Total Parking Solutions take care of all aspects of their parking technology needs."

-Joe Smith, co-Owner, Total Parking Solutions

“Last night I stressed an innovative Boston. This morning your phone can pay for parking!”

-Marty Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston

“ParkWhitePlains provided us with flexible parking technology suited for our city’s needs. Passport worked closely with us from the very beginning in order to include customizations in the system that worked for users.”

-John Larson, Parking Commissioner