Startup Riot 2012

Earlier this week, we participated in Startup Riot in Atlanta. This annual competition was held in Atlanta’s historic Tabernacle and was organized by startup daredevil Sanjay Parekh. We were selected as one of 30 technology companies (and a much larger applicant pool) from around the world to pitch our business to Atlanta’s premier startup community including investors and startup junkies alike. It was an incredible experience and an awesome opportunity to connect with people who are just as passionate about their businesses as we are about parking. We even had a chance to speak on Atlanta Business Radio and introduce our platform to the city of Atlanta!

To learn about how the other presenters plan on disrupting their respective industries, check out David Cumming’s Post about the event. He also provided his book (Startup Upstart) to all those that participated in the event – we’ve already starting thumbing through it and it’s definitely a great read so far!

Having gotten plugged into such a vibrant startup community, we are definitely excited about joining the Startup community in our own backyard. With a week like this, we are definitely looking forward to the road ahead, pun intended (oh, the parking puns never get old!)